15 Priceless Beauty Tips From Mom

by Thursday, August 28, 2014
15 Beauty Tips From Mom
Want the best beauty tips and tricks that you’ve forgotten about? Mom knows best. Here are 15 awesome beauty tips that you’ve probably since forgotten about. That’s okay, we did too. Want a trip down memory lane? Make sure you don’t miss this awesome article. Want more articles? Leave your feedback in the comments section and let us know how we can make our website look better. We need you!

15 Priceless Beauty Tips From Mom

1. Always pluck from below.

Always pluck from below.


“My mom taught me that when shaping your eyebrows, always pluck from below the brown, not above —that way you can maintain the arch. Also that plucking eventually stops hurting, which it totally did.”

2. Dust your blush brush.

Dust your blush brush.


“I’m one of those people that can go a little crazy with the blush, so my mom always taught me to dust a little blush off on your hand before applying to your face.”

3. Protect your neck.

Protect your neck.


“I learned from my friend’s mom that your neck has the same skin as your face so you should moisturize it just as often.”

4. Toss your old makeup and beauty accessories.

Toss your old makeup and beauty accessories.


“My mom taught me that you should never use makeup that’s 5-10+ years old that you just happened to find somewhere. My mom rarely wears makeup and she had some concealer in the medicine cabinet from the early ’90s, maybe the late ’80s. When I was a tween I was so desperate to use makeup that I just started using her old concealer. She told me that was a bad idea. My skin broke out like crazy and she was absolutely right.”

5. Make sure your hair is clean.

Make sure your hair is clean.


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