DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make At Home

by Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Most of the anti-aging products on the market today are pricey. For those who are looking for ways to save up while still looking ravishing and young, you can now make your own best anti aging eye cream. Here’s how.

DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make At Home

Save money while battling aging through this DIY best anti aging eye cream…

Aging can take a toll on the skin, especially around the eyes. Aside from wrinkles, the area around your eyes may be vulnerable to damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun. This could lead to eye puffiness and dark circles.

Unfortunately, most eye creams in the market are really expensive. The good thing is, with the right ingredients, you can actually make your own DIY best anti-aging eye cream. Here’s one best anti aging eye cream recipe you can make at home.


Main ingredients:

Coconut oil

Almond Oil

Organic Green Tea

Main Ingredients | DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make

Why Coconut Oil?

The power of coconut oil is undeniable. This is a potent natural skin aging and free radical buster. Free radicals are one of the main causes of premature skin aging, which results in wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. Since coconut oil is packed with natural antioxidants, it helps eradicate free radicals, making the skin around the eyes younger-looking and brighter.

Why Almond Oil?

Almond oil is a good dark circles remover. It’s a natural emollient, which works by softening the skin and holding in moisture. It helps reduce the appearance of dark circles caused by aging and dry skin. Since it’s also an effective anti-inflammatory, it also reduces eye puffiness.

Why Organic Green Tea?

Green tea is a potent antioxidant that can help curb premature signs of aging. However, aside from its antioxidant content, it also contains caffeine and tannins. Caffeine helps shrink the blood vessels under the skin, leading to decreased puffiness and swelling. This also helps in reducing dark circles under the eyes. Just like caffeine, tannins are good blood vessel constrictors.


What you’ll need to make this DIY best anti-aging eye cream:

  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of almond oil
  • 1 bag of organic green tea
  • a small container for the eye cream
  • a small pot
  • bowl
  • stove


Step 1: Double Boiler Method

Double Boiler Method | DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make

First, you’ll need a small pot and a bowl to come up with the double boiler method.


Step 2: Add Coconut Oil

Add Coconut Oil | DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make

Add two tablespoons of coconut oil to the mixing bowl.


Step 3: Add Almond Oil

Add Almond Oil | DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make

Then, add one tablespoon of almond oil.


Step 4: Melt Oils Via The Double Boiler Method

Melt Oils Via The Double Boiler Method | DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make

To let the oils melt, use the double boiler method. Boil a small amount of water in the pot. Once the water has boiled, reduce the heat and place the bowl with the oils on top. Let it sit there until the oils have melted.


Step 5: Add Organic Green Tea

Add Organic Green Tea | DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make

Once the oils have melted, cut the tea bag open and pour the leaves into the oil mixture. Give it a swirl and let it steep for 10 to 15 minutes.


Step 6: Pour It Into A Clean And Sterile Container

Pour It Into A Clean And Sterile Container | DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make

Let the mixture cool down a little and then pour it into a clean and sterile container. A lip balm container will do as long as it has been cleaned. You can use a strainer to keep the leaves out of the mixture. Close the container nice and tight.


Step 7: Let It Settle At Room Temperature

Let It Settle At Room Temperature | DIY | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream You Can Make

Let the mixture settle at room temperature. It should have a creamy consistency like the photo above. You can also store it in the refrigerator or any cool and dry place. You can use this DIY best anti aging eye cream every night by using cotton swabs to apply and gently blend it with your fingers.


Check out the full tutorial on how to make your own best anti-aging eye cream by iamvanessae below!

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