How To Match Foundation By Skin Tones

by Thursday, June 19, 2014


Do you want a flawless matching foundation? Face it, we all want to have porcelain skin, but do you ever feel after applying your foundation that you look like you’re wearing a mask? Never fear! We are here to help you chose the best foundation match possible! From a night on the town, to just dinner with friends, flawless skin is ALWAYS a necessity.

How To Match Foundation By Skin Tones | Makeup Tutorial

Supplies you will need to match foundation perfectly:

  • A variety of foundation colors
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Palette knife
  • Wax paper
  • Powder brush
  • Translucent Powder

Step 1: Get a seamless match!

To begin, we need to discuss how to get a seamless foundation match! There are two color “classifications” of skin, olive and ruddy. About 80% of the world falls under the olive classification, which means the undertone of the skin is yellow or green. Ruddy skin’s undertone is pink or red, typically more apparent in fair skin. It is common for people who are light olive to still have rosy cheeks, so don’t let this fool you! To start finding your perfect match, start with a variety of foundations around your skin tone. Often times, our faces are much lighter than our bodies, and for this reason, we are going to put a small amount of each foundation on our sternum area. Lightly blend each foundation, but don’t rub in. Foundation is meant to sit atop the skin, rather than be massaged in. Once you’ve tested 3 or 4 foundation colors, see which matches both your undertone and hue best. Again, I suggest palettes with multiple colors, so you can custom match your skin as your summer tan comes and goes.

Step 2: Wash and apply

Once you’ve found a suitable match, it’s time to apply! Always begin with a freshly washed and moisturized face to ensure even coverage. Dry patches on the face will grab color, and oily areas will make the adhesion more difficult. Once you’ve prepared your canvas, you are going to use a small palette knife to scoop your foundation onto a piece of wax paper. If it is liquid foundation, slowly pour a small amount onto the paper. This helps you avoid double dipping and keeps your makeup sanitary. Using a cosmetic sponge, dip into foundation. (Quick tip! If you’re using a liquid foundation, dampen your sponge with water prior to use to avoid absorbing too much product into the sponge!) You are going to start our application at the nose, using dabbing motions. Avoid wiping the sponge across the skin, this will remove the foundation and cause a streaky look. Apply a thin layer over the entire face and neck and allow to dry. The reason we travel the foundation down the neck is because our heads cast a shadow directly underneath our chins, causing a paler area. We also want to avoid a line of demarcation that is created when stopping at the jaw. Allow the layer to dry for a minute, and apply another thin coat if necessary. Concentrate the foundation in problem areas, such as redness around the nose or under eye circles.

Step 3: After you paint, don’t run!

Once we’ve painted our face, we need to make sure they don’t run anywhere! To ensure long lasting wear, take a soft bristled powder brush, dip it into a translucent face powder, tap off the excess, and lightly swirl across entire face and down neck. If your skin gets oily quickly, concentrate a bit of extra powder on the nose, forehead, and chin. Sometimes powders have a tint, be sure to match your undertone to the powder also.

Now you can feel confident in your fresh face! Flawless foundation is the base of every makeup application, so be sure to take your time, be patient, and test a variety of brands and colors to find your favorite match!

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How To Match Your Foundation

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