Shower Jellies | What Is This Latest Skincare Trend?

by Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Have you heard about the latest skin care trend? These are  colorful and fun! Yes, shower jellies are taking the internet and DIY enthusiasts by storm. These colorful jellies are the latest trend in skin care but reality is, they existed for more than 10 years now.

Shower jellies have been roaming the skin care world for more than a decade now thanks to the company called Lush, English purveyor of amazing soaps and bath items. Released in 2005, these jellies were made to celebrate Lush’s 10th anniversary. This is because in England, to celebrate birthday parties, there has to be ice cream and jellies. Thus, the company thought of creating a product mimicking jellies – can be used frozen cold or at room temperature with a wobbly texture.

Shower Jellies | What Is This Latest Skincare Trend?

Shower jellies have important health benefits too, ladies. In fact,  it can be used as a cooling agent and a wobbly warm soap as it provides a great hot-cold stimulus that can help improve muscle tone, promote circulation and keep the skin soft. If you want to learn more about these bath jellies, I’ve broken down details about them.


1. What Are Shower Jellies?

What Are Shower Jellies? | Shower Jellies | What Is This Latest Skincare Trend?

Image via cosmopolitan

Who says bath time can’t be loads of fun? These shower and bath jellies are not only for kids but for kids at heart too. Shower jellies have been gaining immense popularity on the internet lately. This is because a lot of skin care freaks are making shower jellies just like how LUSH makes it – wobbly, fun, colorful and fragrant.

Over the past few months, Lush shower jellies are becoming a new trend on the internet. However, these seaweed gel-based soap jellies are not actually new products. The good thing about shower jellies is they’re flexible and multi-functional. During hot summer and humid days, you can chill them in the fridge for a refreshing shower while others crush them for a rich lather. Whenever you want to use them for later, you can just leave them in the fridge.


2. What’s In Shower Jellies?

 What's In Shower Jellies? | Shower Jellies | What Is This Latest Skincare Trend?

Image via thegloss

Shower jellies are mainly made from gelatin (well, even edible jellies contain this main ingredient), boiling water, castile soap, essential oils or aromatherapy blends, body safe coloring, and salt. Of course, you need to have molds or small plastic jars. When you find buying shower jellies which were manufactured by companies expensive, you can actually make your own through DIY projects.


3. What’s With The Shower Jelly Trend?

What's With The Shower Jelly Trend? | Shower Jellies | What Is This Latest Skincare Trend?

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Shower jellies are taking the internet by storm. I can’t blame everyone if they want to use something fun for bath time. With the stress from the hustle and bustle of the city life, it’s no doubt people would turn to fun things to destress. For one, these bath jellies bring out the kids in us. They’re fun, wobbly and amazingly bubbly. These will surely make bath time fun not only for kids but for adults too.

Besides, who can’t resist this wobbliness?


Well, I’ll bet you’re excited to try some of these shower jellies!

Check out this one with glitters on it:

Coming soon! Shower jellies! This one is electric lemonade and it smells delicioussss! #dazzlebomb #showerjellies #smallbusinesslove

A video posted by Dazzle Bomb Bath Bombs (@dazzle_bomb_) on


If you want to make your own shower jelly, here’s a tutorial video by JENerationDIY:

The skin needs not only moisture but nourishment too, you can get this from natural skin care products by Skin Care Freak

Are you going to try these wobbly, fun and colorful shower jellies? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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