11 Skincare “Tricks” For Flawless Asian Skin

by Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dewy. Fresh. Flawless. These are few of the words that are often associated with Asian complexion. Do you ever wonder what Asian women do to keep their skin flawless?

Wonder no more, as we here in SkinCareFreak, will share to you all the secrets to a wonderful Asian skin.

11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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11 Skincare “Tricks” for Flawless Asian Skin

Skincare Secrets for Flawless Asian Skin

The Asian look and the products that Asian women use are getting more attention in the global scene, particularly Korean skincare products. You might be wondering how Asian women achieve the popular fresh-faced look. It takes effort, of course, and plenty of products.

The skincare routine that many Asian women employ is quite meticulous but since it’s working well for them, you might want to check it out and try it for yourself. Here are some Asian skincare tricks:


1. Facial Massages

Facial Massage | 11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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They give themselves a facial massage as they wash their face. A facial massage improves circulation, giving the skin a healthier look.

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2. Two-step Cleanse

Two-step Cleanse | 11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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The two-step Korean inspired cleanse basically consists of two activities: the removal of makeup and cleansing. Oil-based make up removers or make up remover wipes are used for the first step, followed by the use of mild facial cleansers for the second step. This two-step process takes out more bacteria.

For an effective double cleansing, click here.


3. Multi-masking

Multi-masking | 11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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Multi-masking refers to the simultaneous use of different types of facial masks. A specific type of mask would be applied on a certain area of the face that has a specific need.

If you want to learn how multi-mask, click here.


4. Using essences

Essences are hydrating liquids that provide extra moisture to the face. Some types of essences brighten and clarify the skin as well. They are highly concentrated with active ingredients, designed to go deeper into the skin.


5. Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks | 11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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What’s the difference between sheet masks and actual masks? Sheet masks are typically cheaper and they’re almost everywhere in some Asian countries like Korea or Japan. They’re so staple in their skincare routine that it’s available even in basic convenience stores.


6. Serums

Serums | 11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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Serums are more concentrated than essences. They are thicker in consistency, too, and contains more saturated active ingredients.


7. Ampoules

Ampoules | 11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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Ampoules are more concentrated than serums and essences and come in smaller bottles. Users only need a few drops of ampoules for their skincare routine as these contain highly concentrated antioxidants and vitamins.


8. Facial Mists

Facial mists have become quite trendy these days. Spritzing facial mist on your face a few times while you’re out can help recharge the moisture on your skin.


9. Snail Slime

Snail Slime | 11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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Yes, you might find it disgusting. But snail slime is used as ingredient to some skincare products. It is quite popular in Korea. The slime has properties that reduces scars and rejuvenates the skin.


10. Rice Water

For centuries, Asian women have been using rice water for their skin. Rice water contains qualities that moisturizes the skin, moreover improves circulation.

If you want to learn how to use rice water for your skin, click here.


11. Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet | 11 Skincare "Tricks" for Flawless Asian Skin

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The fresh-faced look that has been sported by many Asians is not just achieved by using a dozen products (maybe more). Good food does wonders to the skin, too. Healthier ingredients, like vegetables, fruits, and herbs, are incorporated in many of Asia’s popular dishes.

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Proper diet and a  rigorous skincare routine is a combination that has been followed by many Asian women. This duo might just be the key for you to keep your youthful glow.


If you want to check out some basic skincare tips, check out this video by Asian Beauty Secrets:


Do you know other products that are good for Asian skin? Do you like this list of Asian skincare “tricks”? Please let us know by writing a comment below. Thanks!

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